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Yes, you've heard it right. I've got my own Amazon store. Like most of us I attend to buy the majority of things online and a huge percentage of that on Amazon. I continuously update my Amazon store page, so its worthwhile to keep looking back for the latest. You'll can find from gadgets for my film and photography projects to my favourite notebooks (Moleskin) all sorts of things here. One thing in common amongst these items, that I had/have them. Meaning that I've got first hand experience working with them and recommending them.

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Believe me, I'm not trying to scare anyone with this. But sometimes when we travel, the thing we love is the scariest of all: I'm talking about The Great Unexpected. I know, you've heard it, but it bears repeating - better safe than sorry. If you are uncovered you could shop around, but the travel insurance market is pretty big and unfortunately somewhat confusing. I've done a lot of research, and my insurer is WorldNomads.com

Travel insurance from WorldNomads.com is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

Luckily, there weren't many times I had to use it, but when I did, they were there for me. Quick, efficient service – there's nothing more important when you're worried, tired and a thousand miles from family and friends.

Travel Insurance. Simple & Flexible.
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The second most important items in my opinion are the right mobile phone network/SIM and generally having access to the internet. How many times you believe that your hotel will have a reliable internet connections and you find out up on your arrival that it takes longer to check in online for your next flight than then OJ Simpson case lasted. Maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean. My bulletproof solution as follows;

Three -

Some hard facts;

  • While others blocked internet services like Skype, they've embraced the great things the internet brings to mobile.
  • With Go Roam you can use their data, minutes and texts beyond the standard 48 countries in the EU, with 71 destinations total and growing
  • Their Go Binge proposition means customers can limitlessly stream Netflix, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music and over 100 channels on TV Player without using their data.
  • All of their phones with a contract come unlocked to any network. so if you are abroad and decided to buy a local SIM card, you can just swap it over and your phone will work instantly.
  • Their  pay-as-you-go rates are absolutely Unbeatable.
  • They were the first to offer All You Can Eat data
Skyroam -

UNLIMITED GLOBAL WIFI ANYWHERE! Do I need to say anything else? Currently available in 130+ countries. Its fast and reliable. You really have to try it to believe it.


There aren't many reliable places around. You really need to look twice before you commit to a purchase on a random website. There are a lot of shady products being sold on very convincing looking websites.  


Established in 1997. Its a UK based business but ships worldwide. Their customer service is brilliant and they have over 25.000+ products to pick from. Just over a year ago they have merged with another giant specialist called Calumet. They also have a great rental and repair department. What makes them unique that they actually have stores where you can go in and have a look at products and get a face to face advice. Much of my gear comes from them if not from Amazon.


This could easily be a complete site! I've got a serious bag "fetish" :) The thing is when you travel so much and you carry a lot of photography and film equipment you are always on the look out for the best bags. However, my standards are even higher. Functionality and durability isn't enough for me. I like the bag to look cool and trendy. Not Versace trendy, but unique and one of a kind. Its hard to explain. Anyway, here are two of my current ones.


If you haven't heard from Sprayground yet, you need to get out there more! :) Sprayground is a relatively new brand on the scene, but they have already claimed there position amongst the big brands. Sprayground was started by artist and visionary David Ben David
. At the time, backpacks were black and boring, but Sprayground changed all of that with their “Hello My Name Is” backpack. What I love about them? Three words;


Sprayground’s art is meant to tell a story, thru inspiration, pop-culture, details, color and thought-provoking concepts that push the limit in design and fashion. Exactly my "cup of tea" :)


What you need to know that Nomatic only exist because of you! Meaning that guys behind Nomatic are one of the most successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. They have raised over $3M! I think this alone speaks volume about their products. They are using the tagline of "THE MOST FUNCTIONAL TRAVEL BAG EVER!" and to be fair, I can't really argue with them. One other thing; there website is beautiful. Amazing pictures and brilliant videos to show every single feature. They might not be the cheapest option, but their bags will be bags even 10 years from now, so you need to look at a purchase as a long term investment.


Everything I create starts with one of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. As a photographer I would not exist without Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. My social media profiles wouldn't look as great as they do without Adobe Spark. Adobe comes a long way and having their cloud service is incredible as all my work always accessible on any of my devices. ie. iPhone, iPad or even someone else's computer. No more hard drives to carry around with my design files on it.


If you haven't heard from Sprayground yet, you need to get out there more! :) Sprayground is a relatively new brand on the scene, but they have already claimed there position amongst the big brands. Sprayground was started by artist and visionary David Ben David
. At the time, backpacks were black and boring, but Sprayground changed all of that with their “Hello My Name Is” backpack. What I love about them? Three words;


While I was working on this website one of the most important lesson was to select the right hosting company for your project. I was forced to move server twice, before I found the following to companies. Every blogger, website admin's biggest problem is slow loading pages and not having 24/7 reachable customer service when your site all of a sudden decided to go off line or goodness's sake it got hacked.  These two companies have it all. I really don't know how they are doing it, but no matter what time of the day or week I've been reaching out for help, they were/are always there. Believe me, you don't one the biggest suppliers. You want a company who has the technology, but there are also humans behind it. Who will understand you and your issues, no matter how small is your business.


WPX is the fastest WordPress host... with first-class support! 30sec. support response, so you can focus on your business. Also, they will move your sites to WPX Hosting for FREE!


Again, a true WordPress host specialist. Has been around since 2003 and currently power 2M+ sites. Also, 24/7 support, so you'll never feel that you've left alone when you need support.